About Yours Truly.

In 2012, I began submitting my writing to a variety of online magazines. To my surprise, people actually thought I was funny and I got published on some big sites like Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Elite Daily.

Not realizing that writing was an actual career that could pay you money, I completed a master’s in history. I did not get a job as a historian, but instead became a failed legal and executive assistant to some rich dudes in Nashville. I hated my job and I hated my life.

So, instead of being miserable for the next 40 years, I decided to follow what I knew, picked up the pen, and became a professional writer in 2016.

I currently live inĀ Orange County, located in the heart of Southern California. While, I’ve yet to receive any plastic surgery, I am anxiously awaiting my time as one of the most notorious cougars that ever lived. I’ve got about 15 years until I can work this out.

Until then, I’ll be writing comedy and trying to get a book deal.




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