When Life Gives You Potholes, Sponsored by Luke Bryan Gifs

Recently, I fell into a pothole. While I wish that was a metaphor, it’s not, because my life is actually a dumpster fire that refuses to burn out. Either way, I like to think that God personally chose me to fall into the San Andreas Fault in front of a group of innocent bystanders and... Continue Reading →


Love and Blackberry Bushes: The Southern Version of Love and Basketball

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved blackberries. When I was growing up, there was actually a blackberry bush right outside my house. It grew along a muscadine vine wrapped around our chain link fence, which housed our famed enormous Great Danes. I remember being very small, maybe seven or eight-years-old, and picking... Continue Reading →

How a Series of Rational Thoughts Saved My Favorite Necklace from Being Thrown Into the Bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And Yes, I’m Crazy.

It was a brisk, yet sunny Saturday morning and my immediate waking thought was to throw my favorite necklace into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Seriously. I opened my eyes and was like, "Opal. Ocean. Done." I'd been watching too much Big Little Lies, but in my defense, that's a great show and reenacting some of those scenes... Continue Reading →

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